Who doesn't like to play with food?

A funny food workshop , in addition to being fun and nutritious, is art instruction that promotes creativity.

FuNnY FOod ArT workshops improve children’s eating habits and helps them learn to make healthier choices. Children learn the importance of eating whole foods like fruits and vegetables, eating a healthy balanced breakfast - the meal that sets the tone for the day and helps them stay focused in school, along with other health facts while making their own food art creation out of the selections of the day. The goal of these workshops is to entice kids and families to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy while having fun.

Heidi  models how to create imaginative food plates with fruits and vegetables and healthy breakfasts combining food groups that follow ChooseMyPlate.gov and Dr. Sears guidelines.

In this hands-on, playful atmosphere, nutrition lessons are learned and remembered. For example, they are shown how to make imaginative breakfasts that combine food groups. The goal is to be integrated into an obesity initiative that has the resources to make the learning fun and sustainable.

Creative, fun and edible, FuNnY FOod ArT workshops invite children of all ages,and even parents, to become emotionally and creatively egaged.  By making their own fun food art plates, children become more willing to taste foods they have not eaten before and happily discover that healthy foods can also be delicious.  They will eat lettuce eyebrows, spinach hair, or a carrot nose if they make it for example. When children are actively engaged in exploring with their food, they are planting the seeds for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy by Heidi Programs cultivate confidence and curiosity with whole foods in a hands-on learning environment to help foster healthy relationships with food and the earth that last a lifetime. Our vision is to inspire an entire generation of healthy choosers--that is, kids who choose to eat healthy foods because they want to, not because they’re told to.

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