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Hoops by Heidi

handmade hula hoops for adults and kids.

Inquire about hula hoop play-dates  
Kids make their own hoops and games!

Health  Reasons To Hoop 
Hooping exercises over 30 core muscles, improves balance, flexibility, dexterity and coordination, tones and reshapes the abdomen, buttocks, and legs with regular use, provides an alternative to going to a gym and is accessible to people of all ages.

For Health
Hula hooping is a cardiovascular exercise that can burn between 400 and 600 calories per hour. It also tones many muscles in the upper and lower body. Hula hoops have been used to help people lose weight and improve balance and coordination. Also, hula hooping has been used to relieve stress. Besides the connection of exercise relieving stress, the repetitious motion of using the hula hoop can calm the mind, much like meditation. The use of a hula hoop for exercise is being incorporated into gyms, dance studios and even a video game on the Nintendo Wii.

From Toy To Workout Tool
History of the Hula Hoop: Hula Hoops have come full circle, from an entertaining toy for children who would roll bamboo circles on the ground with sticks, and spin the hoops around their waist over three thousand years ago in Greece; to fun, fast paced competitions in the 50s, to a 21st century revived new-age entertainment and nationally recognized fitness exercise for people of all ages. Just as a sphere is endless, no beginning and no end, so goes the history of the hula hoop.

Full Body Workout
Hula Hooping in the 21st century is fun for people of all ages. This new contemporary form of movement is a full-body exercise that tones and sculpts your abs, thighs, arms and butt, while the hoop travels up and down your torso, arms and legs, all while you are having fun dancing to the music of your choice.
Through the ages hooping has been reported to uplift your spirit, tone your body and build mental clarity

Blast From The Past
Hula Hoops from the 50's were small colorful plastic tubes made primarily for children to play and exercise. Today, hula hooping has come full circle. Children still love them and adults have begun using stronger, larger, heavier hoops for fitness and fun. Get your own custom hoop today!